Racism Exposed In 'An Indian Father's Plea'

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Culture is shared set of arts,ideas,skills and ect,Culture has a different effect on how many people view the world. In other ways, culture consistently informs the way one views the world and others because of family,school, and community. Overall it matters on how they let their culture have an effect on them. In Robert Lake’s essay, “An Indian Father’s Plea” his son Windwolf is having difficulty with racism in his school. It is not only children who are racist towards him it is the adults as well. “On the first day of class, you had difficulty with his name. You wanted to call him Wind insisting that wolf somehow must be his middle name.” (Lake 77). This is showing some racism in the teacher because, any other teacher would’ve worked harder to learn his name but, she didn’t. “He said that he doesn’t have any friends at school because they make fun of his long hair.” (Lake 78). These kids are the kids that he is going to be growing up with for many years, so, with them bullying him at such a young age they’re going to grow up bullying him. Now that Windwolf has experienced this at such a young age with people that he sees everyday he is going to grow up thinking that everyone he meets will be racist towards him. Family is a big part of culture and the way other see the world. “ As his first introduction into this world,he was bonded to his…show more content…
On the other hand. When I go outside or in my community I would see many people drinking and smoking and that would persuade others such as myself and my friends to do the same thing. Culture consistently informs the way one views the world because of family,school and community. But as I began to get older I realized these 3 things can have a big effect on you. But it only ends up to you and how you let your culture perceive or have a big impact on the
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