Racism Exposed In Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man

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In the Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, the narrator wrote about so many things in the real world that still happen as racism, uneducated, a world that got a lot of issues around their life, how he views the world in this novel is literally where just smart people that can survive or be someone. Ellison uses the final chapters of the novel to show that, according to the narrator, black people are not equal compared to them or rich people, or in other ways being under controlled bythe white power. Ellison is also seeking to convey that who did disagreeable things are trying to keep their power in whatever ways that they can do it that seems unfair. Brotherhood was just using the narrator to get advances from uneducated people or…show more content…
People who want their voices to have that importance and that may mean something to the community, one of the realities that have not yet been to be able to live with racism. To fight forever to be better than the person next to you and to be the one who is like a loser. This kind of invisibility for the narrator was something very serious in his thoughts he could not change the world with his two hands because it was not enough. Life was never the worst forever as these people received a pair of lights as the narrator to show that there are no along and give them an identity, the narrator was a young student at New York who had come to be who he was because he found out from the rules and myths of society a black man studied trying to overcome by himself, it is easy as those people were uneducated to handle the way anyone wants. Part of their roots were never left behind if for many moments he was an invisible which can be very easy, taking into account the millions of people around you but could never remove his identity or his past and inspiration is a part of which never you have to go in life, the problems will never come to you, you create them and only you are the person that you can fix
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