Racism Exposed In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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Black Boy by Richard Wright Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Black Boy by Richard Wright “Black boy”, by Richard Wright, is an incredible piece of writing that takes the reader through the life journey and struggles of growing up as a black person. At the time, racism was so deeply rooted in the South and the author cleverly explores the issue of racial discrimination not only from an individualistic perspective, but also examines racism as an insidious problem that has been woven and entrenched into the very fabric of society. It also offers vital insights into the effects of racism on White-Black and Black-Black relationships while at the same time illuminating the pursuance of personal aspirations amidst such widespread discrimination. It shows that one can rise above even the most challenging of problems. The shorty story, despite having other characters, focuses almost exclusively on Richard who, from the very start is depicted as an outsider. The character changes as the story progresses portraying Richard as a rebel who offends almost everyone he encounters not because of overt defiance acts, but as a result of his attitude and outlook on life. He is an…show more content…
Another assumption made by the author is that the reader will relate the story to the confusing and painful memories that foster a better understanding of the emergence of this Southern American writer. With regard to the narrator’s point of view, it is done in first person. The reader gets to experience and learn many things about Richard but very little about anyone else. This point of view supports the author’s purpose as it allows the reader to really connect with the audience by allowing the reader to feel and experience firsthand everything that Richard feels and goes through thereby appreciating his journey the
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