Racism In 1960's West Side Story, 1961

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The musical West Side Story, 1961 explores the tensions between the whites and Puerto Ricans, the focal point of this story conveys racial prejudice and discrimination in immigration in America through a small community and a relationship between two characters of different races. The dialogue and lyrics sung by the characters express the themes that are depicted in the musical.
Firstly, The Jets (Caucasians) despises The Sharks (Puerto Ricans) for occupying their territory, as a consequence, they begin to plot a fight against them, to claim back their territory. This moment in the play signifies the altercations that transpire between immigrants and Americans. Outsiders migrating into American are often treated and/or seen as a threat just
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Secondly, During a school dance where both The Sharks and The Jets attend, and where Maria, the little sister of Bernardo Nunez the captain of The Sharks and Tony, member of The Jets encounter one another. Tony and Maria’s brief and intimate interaction is condemned by her brother. Maria’s friend Anita and girlfriend of Bernardo argues against his disapproval of being and living in America, leading into a debate in the advantages and disadvantages of America through the lyrics. Each point Anita and her girlfriends make of an advantage, Bernardo and his friend’s objectify; each line of lyrics indicates how immigrants are taken advantage of, and their limitations in a country that is not their own. These lines go back and forth between the boys and girls, “Buying on credit is so nice; One look at us and they charge twice.” “Life is all right in America; If you 're all-white in America.” “Here you are free and you have pride; Long as you stay on your own side.” Athough Bernardo and his friends objections may be somewhat accurate on people views on racial prejudice in America. I believe West Side Story as a revival would be a prominent representation of today’s society in America and perspective on immigration reflected by citizens and the United States government. Since the immigrant populations have remarkably increased, It would be most accurate if the focus is shifted to a different ethnic group specifically the Muslim community. Immigrants of any ethnic group are discriminated but today the main focus is on undocumented immigrants immigration reform
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