African American Racist Culture

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The racist culture propagated by white Americans centuries ago, created a vicious cycle of violence, crime, and blame that white Americans of today are still having to pay for. While the reality is that the majority of Americans today are not racist, the culture of fear and paranoia in the black community that was created generations ago, is still very much present. This leaves Americans with a significant problem. The white portion of the population for the most part has moved on from their forefathers history of racism and bigotry; however, the African American portion of the population still largely lives their lives greatly affected by the injustices done to their ancestors. Americans are not on the same page. Half of the population is…show more content…
There is no room for agreement or even understanding” (Vance 7). Due to this, both sides have very little interaction, which only increases the problem, as it makes it very hard for the two sides to understand where the other is coming from. “...Understanding requires empathy, and empathy requires exposure,” and without this exposure, the conflict between the races will only increase (Vance 8). The reason for this lack of exposure is a vicious cycle of anger and vengeance that was created centuries ago when the first boat of slaves was brought from Africa to North America. The solution to this is not to eliminate the distinction between the two races, but rather to completely eliminate the ancient roles of slave owner and slave, and to move on from them. The key is to “integrate the tribes” (Vance 8). “Paul Tillich has said that sin is separation,” and “segregation” is “an existential expression of man’s tragic separation,” “awful estrangement,” and “terrible sinfulness” (MLK Jr. 16). While segregation is often thought of in terms of the legally enforced separation of blacks and whites during the late 1800s and early 1900s, by definition it is actually simply to be set apart. In that sense, blacks and whites are still in a state of segregation in many ways; but, in this case, it is not the result of a law, but rather, it is self imposed. This is a result of the increased polarization between the two races. This segregation is obviously bad; however, the tension that is caused by it is not necessarily a negative thing, as “there is a type of constructive, nonviolent tension which is necessary for growth” (MLK Jr. ❡16). This “kind of tension in society” will hopefully help American to “rise from
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