Racism In Afro-Orientalism

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The historical lineage between the African and Asian diasporas present a reciprocal relationship of influence and experience. Throughout the passage of time, these bodies of people have been both opposing forces and allies; in response to the racial tensions surrounding their respective groups, in their corresponding environments. Interactions between Africans and Asians created a dynamic that whites often felt threatened by but also used to wield power and institute dissension among the groups. By utilizing facets of colorblindness, multiculturalism, primordialism, polyculturalism, and Afro-orientalism, racial formation will examined as it exists within the Afro-Asian dynamic. American meritocracy presents a front that states that individuals may succeed and attain power on a basis of exclusively ability and talent, regardless of other factors such as race and biases such as racism. This myth is perpetuated by the concept of colorblindness because the reality of this notion is that one cannot in actuality be blind to the color of another’s skin and implicit biases exist in spite of whether one is aware of them or not. “Color blindness as an international ideology neglects, in bad faith, the production of inequality in our world…” (Prashad, 46). In order to combat racism, this myth must be denied as colorism and racism ultimately play a large role in socioeconomic realities. “Color-blind justice privatizes inequality and racism, and it removes itself from the project of

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