Racism In America After 9/11 Essay

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The attacks on September 11th have had a profound impact on the nation and the world. There was short term and long term effects. After September 11th, the United States was filled with new found racism. Also, citizens became more worried and many people experience loss. First of all, the United States was filled with new found racism after September 11th. People of Middle Eastern descent faced more adversities because the terrorists were also Middle Eastern.In America, some people commited “hate crimes, graffiti, and plain prejudice in the weeks and months following the attacks” (“Racial Profiling and the Battle Against Terrorism”). People of Middle Eastern descent also experienced racial profiling. Much of the racial profiling came from the government when the…show more content…
The loss was a big hit to the nation, as explained in United States History: Modern America when it stated, "September 11 was the first attack against Americans on American soil in fifty years, since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in World War II. In total, more than 3000 Americans died in the attacks, more than died at Pearl Harbor"(Lapansky-Werner, Levy, Roberts and Taylor 675). This shows the toll of loss the attacks had on the country. Also, people who lost loved ones in the attacks struggled greatly, like explained in “Empty Sky” when it says, "I want a kiss from you lips / I want an eye for an eye / I woke up this morning to an empty sky" (Springsteen 5-7). The lines explain the sorrow and anger felt by people who lost loved one on September 11th. Finally, it took time for people to come to terms with the loss caused by the attacks as Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close says, "But I knew that there couldn 't be pockets that enormous. In the end, everyone loses everyone"( Safran 74). The quote shows that the speaker was coming to understand that he was going to eventually lose his father and that he could not save
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