The Civil Rights Movement: Racism In The United States

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The United States, born of oppression, has grown a cancer that imitates the very subjugation that the country was birthed from. Racism in America is a lingering narrative that has extended itself to the modern era. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s appeared to be the zenith of black suffrage; racism seeming to reach a resolution were. However, racism towards the black community is still seen in the 21st century, shown by the rise of police brutality seemingly targeted towards the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement. Racism in America still perseveres after the Civil Rights movement, shown by the unremitting discrimination of black men and women. A myriad number of accounts about racism and oppression plague America’s archive.…show more content…
Namely, the most popular organizations that are active in America is the Black Lives Matter movement, born from the cries of the Trayvon Martin case. This organization’s motivation is to create solutions that end systematic discrimination in America (McClain). These organizations are criticized for being radical, trying to solve a problem that critics say do not exist. All Lives Matter is an example of backlash, created for the sheer fact of refuting Black Lives Matter. However, what those who oppose Black Lives Matter fail to recognize is that the movement was created to elevate the status of the black community in society, not bring down everyone else that is not black. Reverberating the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. of the Civil Rights movement, Black Lives Matter calls for further equity, attempting to deconstruct institutional racism in America. The revival of movements for black empowerment has brought back a civil unrest to the public that needs answers. The presence of racism never left America, it hid in the shadows and stayed silent for decades. For these reasons, in order to fully stop racism in America, the public must be ready to awaken itself to a reality of negligence. Silence allowed ignorance, but with the rise of social media and technology, America at large can no longer keep its eyes closed and must confront the issue at
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