Racism In America Today

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“The more things change, the more they remain the same,” these words written by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr in 1849 still ring true today when one considers the state of racial relations in the United States. Our history as a nation includes moments of triumph in the areas of equality and awareness, and though we have come a long way since the enslavement of human beings, even today minorities within our nation still suffer the harsh reality of racism. Racism is a terrible problem; it is destructive and hurts society. “Racism is the belief that one’s race, skin color, or more generally, one’s group, be it of religious, national or ethnic identity, is superior to others in humanity”(Siddiqui).
Seen since the time of European colonization in
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They do not see it is a system, a web of interlocking, reinforcing institutions: political, economic, social, cultural, legal, military, educational, all our institutions. As a system, racism affects every aspect of life in a country” (Martinez). Though some feel like racism in America today is nonexistent, it is typically because they are more sensitive to the matter and do not like discussing racism, which evokes discomfort. This then leads to an avoidance of the issue entirely, and an issue unresolved. However, those who view the world from a comfortable distance are yet to sympathize with the many who are caught up in the criminal-justice system. Many are stripped of their basic civil and human rights. “People who have been incarcerated are often denied the right to vote, excluded from juries, and relegated to a racially segregated and subordinated existence” (Alexander). They are often legally discriminated in employment due to their record as a felon, housing and even access to public benefits. They are oppressed by the system because they are now viewed as criminals and often are lead back to their previous lifestyles before prison; life of…show more content…
The history of slavery, and the segregation that once was the American way affects the views of many young children growing up. Whether it is their view of themselves or the views of others towards African Americans, the tough challenge of growing up knowing that not all people share the same viewpoint on the color of your skin changes the perception on life. This self-image affects a youths’ mindset and makes it more challenging to know that many opportunities in life may not be provided due to the color of your skin. Though children’s image of themselves is crucial during any stage of growth, the geographical challenges of a neighborhood due to poverty and high-crime really isolates growth as well. Children are often left to educate themselves while both mom and dad travel to outside cities for work, or due to the extraordinary rates at which parents are being incarcerated they are left to fight for themselves. While only in self-defense due to the rough neighborhoods, children are taught at a young age to protect themselves physically from thugs, or keep to themselves often by putting their heads down. This leads children to violent paths or looked at as if timid and uneducated to outside
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