Racism In American Society

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Racism has been, and continues to be, an issue in our American society. Multiple government and social issues have stemmed from hateful bigotry, including Mr. Dred Scott. He was seen as ¨property” not as a ¨person¨ just because of the color of his skin, and that he was not a free man, even if he resided in a ¨free¨ state. This caused an outrage in abolitionists nationwide and changed America forever. Dred Scott was a slave, owned by John Emerson in Missouri (a slave state). They moved to Illinois (free state), then Wisconsin (free state). Scott decided to file for his freedom, since he was now in a free state. In 1850, they came to the conclusion to appoint Scott free, until 1852 when the verdict was reversed but the Missouri Supreme court.…show more content…
The two sides were already at each other’s throats with civil idea differences, land ownership issues, and a passion for the same subject: slavery. This convoluted case only made the water boil more. Tension throughout America tightened as yet another civil rights case went in favor of the white man. As previously stated, racism has been a part of America’s history since our ancestors settled here years ago. African Americans used as slaves and not recognized as real people was a daily behavior. Dred Scott’s emancipation could have been a step in the North’s favor, however, his freedom was hatefully denied by Southern scheme of…show more content…
Uproar and protest bubbled over in the states after Scott’s failure to obtain his freedom. His case also fueled the North in their battle with the South, since the big topic of the century was “slavery”. They wanted justice for Dred Scott, to rightfully place his ownership in his own hands, to grant him the freedom to live however he pleased and to not have to walk in shackles. Any human should have that basic right, as it says in the constitution. This landmark of a case stood as a breaking point for social reform; motivation to stop the discrimination that ran throughout the country. No person, black, white, yellow or purple, should be denied the right to own his life in his own hands. The North fought long and hard, and eventually, brought the South down to their knees. This would be the start of reform, for the ones victimized in their lives. However, social reform doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, especially dealing with the stubborn, bigot infested Southern states. This enlightenment would go on for decades, court case after court case,protest after protest. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jo Ann Robinson, Harry Ray, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and many more brave Americans will follow Mr. Scott and stand for the rights of themselves and others nationwide. Dred Scott’s case wasn’t forgotten, but acted as gas on the fire for racism and disfavor against
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