Inequality Is Making USck Film Analysis

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The racism that occurs in the United States, impacts multiple minority groups, effecting their standards of living, their overall health and social ability to moves social class. Individuals and institutes have used racism by attempting to be superior to another race, usually a minority. In United States of America, prejudices and discrimination assisted for maintaining power over the minority, for the justification for slavery and discrimination to continue after slavery ended. The film, Inequality Is making Us Sick, discusses how African American women are double the amount of low-birth weight and premature weight than the average white American. The physicians partaking in this study wanted to know why this occurred and how it leads to the conclusion it has to do with the effects of racism. The study included African immigrant women and how they did not have the double the rate, that African Americans had compared to White Americans. They concluded that it takes a second…show more content…
Eighty five percent of us, are completely the equivalent in genetics, and if we all realize this, expectantly that would terminate the issue with discrimination and prejudices. By continuing to provide programs for minorities, this may benefit preexisting issues individuals have tackled from racism. Through the horrific genocide that occurred during World War II, citizens of Germany preserve Hitler’s authoritarian personality. Racial prejudices are heightened when an authoritarian personality feels there is some moral and physical treat to their way of life. Hitler was able to execute millions of innocent individuals and had his military support him by persuading them with the authoritarian personality theory. He convinced others based on his morals, that foreigners were causing the issues like poverty and ruthlessly tried to take over land with his pure
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