Coming Of Age In Mississippi Critical Analysis

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Racism is a topic still at the forefront of most political discussions to this day. Even though large strides have been made towards ending the racial divide, there is still a large amount of stereotypical behavior that can be seen. In examining the book “Coming of Age in Mississippi,” Moody’s outlook on different races, and Southern beliefs, it becomes clear that racism played and still plays an incredibly negative role on the lives of not only African Americans but all of those who are subject to this prejudice. In the book “Coming of Age in Mississippi” by Anne Moody she illustrates with her writing and offers a very interesting look at the prejudices seen by African Americans in the Southern United States around the time of Jim Crow laws. Often times in books and other reading surrounding racism the only outlook seen on these times is articles written by outsiders looking in. It is very interesting to see the racism of that time through the eyes of someone who actually experienced and lived in it. Although “Coming Of Age in…show more content…
Even a century after slavery was outlawed in the United States, black people were still not seen as equals to whites. Jim Crow laws took an entire group of people that in all reality were not different than those enforcing these laws and made them feel as though they were worth less than animals. Even black people who worked incredibly hard to fight through racism and reach their goals weren’t afforded the same privileges as white people. An examination of the book “Coming of Age in Mississippi,” shows Moody’s strong belief on different races, and the Jim Crow laws and beliefs by those living in the South, it becomes clear that racism made and still makes a very negative impact not just on a black person 's emotions and thoughts but on their ability to live the life they want without interruption or discrimination from
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