Racism In Baseball Essay

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Racism is as American as baseball. A banner was hung over Fenway Park’s Green Monster on September 12th with these powerful words on it. This statement is very true. Baseball has played as big of a role in shaping this country as Racism has. From Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier to Martin Luther King Jr. standing up for all colored people in America, racism has been fought against by millions of people in American history.

Whether people are being targeted by racist acts or comments in baseball, or placed in internment camps in the 40s, merely because of the way they look, all racism is the same and is not acceptable. In 1942, at the start of the second World War, Executive Order 9066 was put into place in order to relocate Japanese-Americans to military internment camps. Thousands of innocent Japanese American families were put into these camps by the US government because they were afraid that an attack such as Pearl Harbor might be attempted again by those same people. The prisoners were told they would be kept until the end of the war then they would be released to completely restart their life
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They owned it and they didn 't hesitate to acknowledge the issue. Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy brought up a good point in response to shock that this act happened in Fenway Park, “...the 105-year-old ballpark, a civic treasure, isn 't immune to what 's happening throughout the country.”

Racist acts, crimes, and remarks like what happened in the years of and leading up to WWII and at Fenway Park, cannot and will not be ignored. Situations like these, big or small, will forever be etched into our history, as Americans and as a world-wide society. Some people like to put racism off as a thing of the past and not acknowledge it, but it still exists, it is all around us in our everyday lives no matter who we are or where we came from. White or Black, Red or Green. We are all created
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