Racism In Baseball

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2017 racial discrimination is not as vivid as it used to be. People don't shout out ugly and inferior comments at people of different color just because they are of a different race. But still unfortunately there is racial discrimination occurring it's just not as noticeable. Or is it ignored? According to Vice sports some white baseball players still have feelings of dislike for those of different color playing the game. It states that 82 percent of brawls in the last five baseball seasons has pitted ethnic groups against each other, primarily Caucasians and Latinos (Dirk Hayhurst 2015). From statements made from almost 90% of white player base will tell you that forcing compliance to American baseball values is not racial discrimination or…show more content…
They state that there different races are the product of many millennia, and is both natural and right that the evolution of races continues because they are the "superior" race. They believe that To continue the work of Nature as well as to continue the evolution, the development, of races - that we must split up the races and make them into specific ethnic nations. They say that racism is good because it is the force that which is drives them toward the creation of ethnic nations: toward the completion of the separation of races, therefore leading to better societies, societies without the multiple races competing to take the things that are rightfully ours. This is what leads to the racial violence and the oppression which occur in all multi-racial…show more content…
Whatever that means. Whom every believes this in the world is completely wrong. Take a look throughout the bible and you will see that God does not place anyone higher based on the color of there skin or there ethnic background. If you don't believe that there is a God, take these question into consideration. What makes them not equal? Again just because they do not have the same skin color as you does not in any way or form make them less of a person than you. Discrimination is definitely problematic. Why is it problematic you ask? Because the act of discrimination and racism is dehumanizing. By treating someone or a group differently then you treat someone else or another group you are basically denying that person or group there individual right as a human and as an American.
Discrimination in baseball is happening and happened all over the world. It is still happening today in America for many reasons. One reason for this is because parents have taught their children to believe and think the way they themselves do. The only thing to do about it is to raise children not to discriminate against other people. It could lead to more tension and fighting within people and groups. Accordingly this proves, discrimination in any way is

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