Racism: Film Analysis

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I believe that the film accurately captures the reality of racism in the United States. All through the film several scenes take place that examines racism and create a point of view. In the film, two black males were portrayed as the “bad guys” and the robbers. This itself shows a sense of racism. In our society racism is immoral and not right. This film uncovers reality that people tend to be racist consciously and unconsciously despite living in a nation which denounces prejudice. Racism is created from life experiences, the media and several other factors. In conclusion, this movie showed multiple examples of conscious and unconscious racism throughout the film.
I believe this situation can be generalized to Canada because of because of
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One example was at the end of the movie where the African American male robs the van to sell it but discovers that there were slaves in the back of the van. The purchaser offered a great amount of money for each head, however the black male denied and let the slaves free. This shows that even though this person robbed several cars and committed crimes he still demonstrated a significant amount of empathy, and humanity, and the ability to change. Another example that warmed my heart was when a police officer saves a woman from a terrible accident that happened on the road and led to a wild fire. In a previous scene that same police officer pulls over the same women and molests her on the side of the road in front of her husband pretending to pat her down for anything harmful she may have. This shows that a person has the ability to change. In addition, I also felt emotionally attached to the movie when the Persian man takes his gun and attempts to kill the Mexican person who came in to fix the Persian man’s store lock because he believed that the Mexican man cheated him. The Persian man determines where the Mexican man lived and goes there to kill the Mexican man. When the Persian man fires a shot the Mexican persons daughter jumps in to hug her father. Luckily the Persian man did not kill the little girl because the gun fired a blank and no one was harmed. This resulted the Persian man to reflect on his actions and feel guilty. The Mexican man really loved his daughter and was a great father. This is shown in another scene where he comes home and spends time with his daughter and makes sure she feels
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