Racism In Contemporary Society

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Racism is part of human nature and it has existed throughout human history from antiquity. The first racism cases started between black and white people. Nowadays racism has been spread all over the world despite the globalization that our contemporary civilization has undergone. But, because of the increase of emigrational waves and the intense nationalism, racism has become a big problem not only for immigrant groups but for all the world’s humans. The onus is on us to eliminate the problem of racism before it becomes even worse. (socialistworker) Definition Racism is the discrimination between races based on the belief that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. (ADL, n.d) Forms of Racism There are several types and forms of racism in our contemporary society. The most important forms of racism are the Individual Racism, a form of racism which infers to an individual 's racist assumptions, to his way of thinking and to his personal behavior, the Aware/Blatant Racism, a type of racism in which racists are not afraid to express their dislike to people of color, the Aware/Covert Racism, a type of racism in which groups of racists are not expressing themselves by saying to someone that they are racist with him. There are also some important kinds of racism, such as Islamophobia, a kind o racism in which racists are violent and they are expressing a dislike on Muslims and more particular in
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