Racism In Diaz's Drown

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he topic of immigration tends to be a touchy one when discussed about. The topics of poverty and racism also surface once this subject comes up in a conversation and these can be quiet controversial within in argument. In the novel, Drown, by Junot Diaz, he illustrates in his short stories about how immigration, poverty, and racism affect’s the characters lives on a day to day basis. There are also many connections between racism and poverty the character’s experiences within Diaz’s novel. The issues of poverty and racism that are faced by the characters within Drown are quite similar to the ones faced by the immigrants of the United States which makes these situations more relatable to many. Díaz strongly portrays his idea of what it means…show more content…
Yunior calls a person by their race instead of their actual name. Harsh, offensive racial words were used within the novel to call out someone or give that person a name. Yunior bluntly states “That’s all that nigger does” (49). Yunior uses the word ‘nigger’ very often throughout the novel when he refers to certain people. The chapter called “How to Date a Brown Girl, White Girl, or Halfie” is primarily based off of description of another person's race. Throughout this chapter, he gives tips and tricks on what to do on dates with women of different color. “The white ones are the ones you want the most, aren’t they, but usually the out-of the-towners are black, black girls who grew up with ballet and Girl scouts who have three cars in their driveways. If she’s a halfie don’t be surprised that her mother is white” (145). Yunior describes these women based off what the color of their skin. This chapter is significant because it's an instruction manual that gives advice on how to behave and act depending on the ethnicity and social class of their date. Racism is common throughout Yunior’s life and it was normal to call someone by their racial identity. Although this may be true, racism is detrimental to those who are affected by it. The American Dream has no room for discrimination and
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