Racism In Disney Channel

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In our pre-adolescents we have watched television to entertain ourselves, but we didn't realize the secret messages of what the media was portraying. So throughout the years, our mind gets opened and we realize the comedy on the show are discriminating everyone. Media categorizes the people separately and not as a whole. As humans we should be united as a family and we shouldn't categorize anyone by the color of their skin, social class, whatsoever. The separation of whites, blacks, Hispanics and so to speak. “Disney Channel” has created a conflict in society that the equality of these races and every other race are being tarnished. Disney Channel has affected our surroundings because they never have different races in one film. The industry believes we are not created to be equa. Disney Channel makes funny remarks and believe we will be ignorant. Rankings have become lowered in society and has become from not accepting people. Children's Tv Shows try to make the show vague by making the racial views as a comedy so the children could have a good laugh. The older crowd understand the racial backgrounds and then they categorize them as their beliefs from experience. For example, the show…show more content…
All the Disney princess in the film had one flaw in order to any men that they wanted. The movie "Little Mermaid," her voice is taken away from Ursula if she could could get a man to fall in love with her with her without speaking she could get her voice back. Women can not get a man just because of their looks. Prince Eric didn't love her because of her looks he was trying to find the beautiful voice. Disney categorized people by social class. Disney old films use social stratification that only the upper class could be with their own social positions. Media portrays us that we can not interracial with other people because of the superior from
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