Racism In Disney

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Mindless ignorant zombies, that’s what the children and parents should be perceived as while they blindly watch disney’s racial and sexist films. Sexism, Racism, and Sexual inappropriate references all have one definite common trait , being in Disney films. Disney, a multibillion dollar company should stop displaying race, sexism and sexual references within their movies.
Smack! A women thrown across the floor and smacked across the face, but according to disney films that’s an okay message to send to your infant son’s and daughters leaving them to grow up with the message that it’s okay to abuse and not treat women equally. Young child’s minds are like a sponge, absorbing everything and constantly growing. Disney’s targeted audience typically
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Everyone has heard the phrase “history repeats itself” at least once or twice, Disney could be leading to a repetition of uncontrolled racism with negatively influencing children to believe not all people are equal. Racism is being displayed in Disney’s movies to a noticeable and careless extent. Considering that Disney is known to send positive messages including happiness and falling in love such as in Aladdin. Disney described Aladdin as a “street rat” and displayed the villain Jafar, with a much larger nose and a darker skin tone showing a bad message on arabian culture. Charles Riley, a CNN writer explains how Disney stops their moanna costume for halloween because of racial issues. “costume was an example of cultural appropriation. It was wrong to sell a costume that allowed children to pretend to be another race.” Disney decided to come out with a costume that was another skin tone which offended people of the polynesian race , the costume has a dark skin tone with tattoo’s and a grass skirt. Displaying to other children that you can just “dress up” as a darker skin tone is morally wrong. Disney is using displaying racism in its products for young children, ultimately showing that its…show more content…
In disney films raunchy jokes are publically displayed in their films, although their targeted audience is young children, theycatch on and it’s enough to have them shriek “ewwwie” and lead to parents getting upset. Explains how Disney includes adult jokes in young children's films potentially causing harm to young children’s innocent minds and learning subjects just too early. Disney films show adult references and jokes to young children, exposing them to sexual jokes at young ages angers parents. Although people may argue that it’s the parent’s choice to let their children watch these films, Disney rates these films and they are all known to be child friendly. Although, most of us know that they are not considering an amount of the language and phrases that they speak. Mary Garis, explains how disney films slide in sexual remarks and potentially rob childs brains of an adolescence. “ The child sadist next door has a melange of Frankenstein creations, but one of the most intriguing monsters is a pair of Barbie legs attached to a fishing rod … a hooker, if you will.” (Garis) . Disney showing this gimmick in Toy Story, a movie known for children is quite inappropriate. It displays that this is the type of message Disney is okay to display to your children without second guessing it. Disney is a nasty corporation robbing young minds of an adolescence with displaying sexual humor in their
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