Racism In Disney Movies Essay

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Disney Racism Examples In the movies shown in the video fictional characters are shown to perpetuate insensitive and offensive stereotypes. Many Disney characters in the past have been portrayed in a similar light in an attempt that certain demographics can subconsciously identify with them. This has been exhibit from a plethora of different characters from ‘Sebastian’ from “The Little Mermaid” to ‘King Louie’ from “The Jungle Book” no matter they be man, animal, or inanimate object. I believe attaching these ethnic labels to purely fictional characters is wrong and may send inaccurate representations about these groups of people to younger viewers. Not only will these derogatory instances plague the inner thoughts of this generation but…show more content…
The movie focuses on two main characters who contrast greatly. They both are represented as stereotypes of their respective races, Caucasian and African American. Peter Sanderson is an successful wealthy attorney while Charlene Morton is wrong accused low-income ex-convict who bares an outrageous personality. Throughout the movie both characters exhibit cliched stereotypes and use racially insensitive gestures. I believe mainstream media outlets like film often intermingle racial taboos into their productions for comical effect which is wrong and…show more content…
Nevertheless, when immigrating to the U.S. many newcomers find themselves lost the vastness of the contemporary culture this is known as culture shock. Since most people move to the U.S. from developing countries they are not used to the freedoms that America offers. An instance of this is when the speaker of the presentation came emigrated from Israel. At first inclination he found himself enthralled by the independence of Americans. Ironically, he soon became astray when traversing through the subway system. Later, he developed a underlying hatred for Americans in generally associating them with liars, slouches, and
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