Racism In Frederick Douglass

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ination was always part of this world and these writers wanted to make a change so they wrote about their personal experience. Frederick Douglass, Robert Hayden ,and Quincy Troupe had one thing in common they wanted to change the point of view of others. They stood up for what they believe was right. Racism shouldn 't be permitted in this world because it has ended lives of so many. We shouldn 't all be equal, and treat each other the same.
Frederick Douglass never got an education because of the color of his skin. This lady came along and thought Douglass how to read until her husband found out and forbid her from teaching Douglass. It was harsh on him especially not having anyone there by his side. He ended up escaping and change his name to Douglass back then his name was Frederick Bailey. Douglass ended up getting invited to a slavery convention. All he wanted to do was make a change in this world and try to express his feelings towards racism I find his story so motivating especially because a lot of young people want equality in our country. Personally, i would want racism to be over because I would want a world where people just look up to each other and aren 't afraid to ask for help. Now you see so many young people that are too scared to talk in classes because they know how cruel some people are. We don 't need that kind of violence in this world. I admire Fedrick Douglass for his commitment of looking foward to life when all this racism stops . If you notice his
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