Racism In Get Out Movie

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Racism, defined in moderation as prejudice or discrimination towards another race, deeming one’s own race as superior, is and has been a very hot topic in today’s society. Racism can range from anything to refusing service because of the color of skin, to blatantly killing an African American boy who’s walking down a street with an Arizona Tea and a pack of skittles. Living in a post-Obama administration, Americans believed that this country was finally a post-racist society. However, actions, both consciously and subconsciously, show otherwise. African Americans, or any person of color, have to constantly be on guard against racists acts. In the movie, Get Out, written and directed by actor, Jordan Peele, a young African American male meets his white girlfriend’s parents for a week in the estate that is secluded deep in the woods. As the movie and time progress, the friendly and what seems to be a non-racist family, eventually reveals a nightmare in the fact that they are racist. With a socially conscious message, the…show more content…
Although taken to the extreme, the movie speaks on real-world issues. Being in a color-blind relationship while the outside world is color sensitive, or aware, is all too common in mixed race relationships. Speaking on real-world issues can be scary, and even uncomfortable. The movie received a lot of backlash from white, liberal Americans because it spoke on the real-world issues while targeting them. The theme of the movie so elegantly displays three different tensions; horror, mystery and, race, in that it displays the three tensions that African American’s face. The film Get Out, is a potent and poignant allegory about the issues in modern-day race relations in suburban America. The movie focuses on race relations between black and white America, as it is constructed on the body of a horror-thriller, with some awkward, and even uncomfortable comedy thrown in for good

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