Racism In Hollywood

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First, one of the reasons that the Hollywood writers and directors have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic character is racism issues. Racism is one of hot issues that people need to concern when it already happened in that past but still appear in nowadays. It is clearly present in the Hollywood film back in the days when the motion picture industry is only owned and controlled by the white people. Most majority of white actors and actresses were only people that could appear or had roles on the films, and there were neither Asian people nor African American people to act any roles on the film. Even there were Asian roles in the film, only white actors were hired to act these stereotypical characters. The term of “whitewashing”,…show more content…
In the past, Asian women’s image was portraying in different stereotypes in film, and these stereotypical portrayals might damage what their true beauty images were, or underestimated their intelligence that they born with. Asian women were seen being damaged in various ways in professionally, emotionally, or sexually just because of their race and gender. The white filmmakers displayed their fantasies through these stereotypes on Asian women’s image, and they made these images becoming products of Hollywood that could entertain the pleasures of white men, subservient women to men, and limited the audiences in a same idea about Asian women through their film. According to Asian Women in Film: No Joy, No Luck, “In many ways, as females and Asians, as audiences or performers, we have learned to settle for less-to accept that fact that we either decorative, invisible, or one dimensional” (Hagedorn 351). With this quote, what she means is Asian women including normal female, singers, actresses, or viewers, were only products that white filmmakers used to portray any stereotypical characters that would appear and can damage Asian women’s image indirectly though their
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