How Does Huck Finn Violates Society

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Although the society’s standards and his father are repressing, Huck has his own inner voice and would listen to them. That’s why when he meets Jim, a running away slave, Huck helps to save Jim and runs away with him. By the society’s standard, running away slave is intolerable and has to be caught and punished. However, Huck acts against the society’s standard even though he knows it’s wrong to help Jim run away. There exists so much racism in the society. Helping Jim escape violates the standard of the society. Any white man can put black slaves under his mercy. Huck takes Jim as his friend not as a slave. In this way, Jim is an individual person to Huck. Furthermore, Huck is a person who hates the society as an authority and pursues freedom. He sees no reason to prevent Jim from pursuing his own freedom. So even when he knows he would be punished for hiding a black slave, he still lies to the people who go after the running away slaves that Jim is his father with chickenpox. Another example is that in the group of Huck, Tom and Jim, Tom to some extent serves as the authority. When Huck and Tom are planning to save Jim, Tom acts like a leader or the authority. Since Tom take the romance as their authority of how to save Jim, the plan that…show more content…
He is fearless and never stops pursuing his freedom. Although he is against the social standard where he is supposed to be civilized, he can still think independently. Unlike the rest of the society, he takes the black slave Jim as his true friend, which goes against the society. And this shows that he believes that everyone is equal. The difference between black and white doesn’t matter. All the behaviors of Huck show that he is rebellious against the authorities that limit him from being free. It’s destined that Huck will break free and allow no restrain on him. He is unconventional and follows his own instinct. His adventures are his pursuit of freedom and search of the real authority in his
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