Racism In Kilgore Trout's 'The Dancing Fool'

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Kilgore Trout’s another novel Now it can be Told also portrays the destruction of earth and racism. In Kilgore Trout’s novel there is a story which is called “The Dancing Fool”. He introduces a flying saucer creature named Zog who has arrived from the planet Margo to Earth. When the people from Margo touch the earth under the saucer, they are fired without touching the land. But Zog tries to explain that they may cure cancer and all the disease which affects the human beings. Kurt Vonnegut tries to explain the ignorance of men on earth. They think that they know everything but their ignorance is brought to lime light when the efficiency of Zog is explained. He laughs at the people on earth who do not know to identify what is good and bad.
WhenKilgore Trout is in the theatre he starts thinking of another alienated story. In that imaginary piece except the human race all the earthlings are destroyed as man has polluted the environment. Don is the main character in the novel. The food consumed by mankind happens to be petroleum and coal. People on earth do not bother because they are tuned to any situation. The main aim of the story is indicate the food habits. After the movie, Don the astronaut goes out into the street and is accosted by whores offering “eggs and oranges and milk and butter and peanuts and so on. The whores could actually deliver these goodies, of course.” (60)
Vonnegut makes good use of alienating his characters in his stories. This alienating
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