Racism In Law Enforcement

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Introduction Racial and ethnic concerns have been plaguing the media from rants on social media, to CNN, and even the President of the United States (POTUS) has spoken of racial discrimination in the United States as more than just racial slurs, but instead it’s a deep rooted bias that many Americans preconceive of the many people with whom they interact with. When a person holds on to a negative bias regarding a specific race of individuals or ethnic group, unethical behavior can lead to unwarranted actions and those actions can lead individuals down the wrong path. When it comes to law enforcement personnel, these men and women are like every other person in the world; they are doing a job that many would be unable to perform on an everyday…show more content…
This could be racist or discriminatory in nature, but it doesn’t provide adequate information to formulate a police officer is racists, but it does prove there should be more education and training within the academy level and more on-the-job (OJT) being performed once an officer arrived at their first department. The criminal justice system is not perfect and there is definite room for improvement on how the system treats minorities. Accomplishing this requires a collaboration with many law makers to ensure police officers are being properly trained to recognize the difference between performing their duties based on the situation of the crime being committed instead of performing their duties because the color of a person’s…show more content…
The argument is not if racism exist within law enforcement because there are statistics to prove there is some form of it present in some magnitude, but the argument is whether or not racism and racial profiling is being taught at the departmental level and therefore creating such a rift between police officers and citizens within the community. When proper training replaces unethical behavior, police officers benefit from this training and are better prepared out on the streets making split second

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