Racism In Margret Walker's 'Native Son'

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Tucker’s dream was to make his son a unique person not only among the blacks but also among the whites. Fishbelly becomes a unique person in a real sense. The deep rooted segregation created inferiority complex in the blacks. Education was given to them but it was insufficient. The feeling of self-hatred was dangerous for their healthy development. Margret Walker rightly observed that : With segregation the white child was educated to regard race as more important than humanity, and the black child was educated to regard a white world as superior to his own. And thus, taught to hate himself. (Walker, Margret, 49) The protagonist of Native Son, Bigger Thomas lives in a slum area of Chicago’s ‘Black-Belt’. Dey Manak Kumar rightly observes : “The blacks live in a dingy, segregated dirty, polluted, rat infested area. Slave cabins were simple and crude, mostly consisted of a single dark room with a fire place for cooking and heat.” (Dey, Manak Kumar, 53) From his childhood, Bigger Thomas faced discrimination. There was a deep psychological impact on his mind. The lessons of discrimination were imbibed in his mind by family and society. A feeling of frustration, a feeling of negligence made them uncomfortable. It is reflected in the following dialogue : “We live here and they live there.” “We black and they white.” “They got things…show more content…
Helpless mother is seeking the help of the God. She is questioning the God to take away her miserable life. She is requesting God to do something to stop the sufferings of blacks. She mourns deeply. She can’t believe that her son is killed. Mrs. Sims’s stirring sentence like “Women don’t bring children into the world to die like this!” reflects mother’s love for her son. She is asking questions to God and wants the answers. She craves for the redemption of whole black society. She asked the Almighty to stop the wind so that it won’t blow on

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