Racism In Nepal

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Racism, being a negative side of Nepal has affected the country in various ways. The lifestyle in Nepal varies from Himalaya and Terai. The people from Terai are often termed as Madhesis and are discriminated on their color. There are also various cases of conflicts between the people from Hills and Terai. The indigenous peoples of Nepal have been politically demoralized, economically exploited, culturally and socially discriminated against. The feudal nature of the caste system also prevents Dalits from leaving their prescribed work. According to online news site, Indigenous Voice (2018), “7 out of every 10 victims of trafficking in person are indigenous women and girls in Nepal.” Lawati (2001) introduces a term “Bahunbad” to show the racism…show more content…
The people belonging to one of the Dalit castes ‘Chamar’ were beaten and socially/economically boycotted when they just tried to refuse to remove carcasses and corpses of domestic animals. The people in Nepal may deny the fact about racism prevailing in the country but while making a bond with a lower caste, they would still hesitate and think twice. It is very rarely seen a Brahmin person marrying a person who is from a lower caste. Shrestha, D.K. (2016) writes in a national daily newspaper, The Himalayan Times about a case in Garkhakot, Jajarkot where Ganesh Chandra Sunar and Jyoti Shah were tortured by Shah Family due to their interracial marriage. They were even threatened to be killed if they ever returned back to the village. There are many cases of blaming indigenous women as witch in Nepal. Some notable events are Kali Bishwokarma of Pyutar village was dragged into a room and made to drink urine. Meanwhile in Siraha district, Sebaki Teli was almost beaten to death by blaming her of performing witchcraft. According to Asian Human Rights Commission (2004), Manoj Khanga from Bishanpur VDC-9 was kidnapped and beaten by family of Parbati Raut because of intercaste marriage. The more disturbing fact is that almost all women blamed for witchcraft are dalits or of indigenous community. Apart from these problems, Dalit women are also facing sexual…show more content…
Among the 38 prime minister in Nepal, there is a total dominance of either Bahuns or Chhetris. There has never been a prime minister of lower caste. Although there is quota system for the indigenous communities, they are still discriminated. Dalits in Nepal confront an effective mix of social separation and viciousness that authorizes their below average status. Government inaction helps save this inferior citizenship: the Nepalese government regularly neglects to indict the individuals who participate in victimization Dalits and presently can't seem to make a far reaching get ready for guaranteeing the privileges of Dalits. The government is not so focused and has not been active in convention with United Nations (UN). Dr. Bhattachan (2015) claims that Nepal is not implementing the convention, as it has not sent its periodic reports to the United Nation Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) on time. It has been almost a decade Nepal has not sent any reports. Dr. Bhattachan (2015) also claims that “Nepal is always quick to ratifying and endorsing treaties and conventions. But when it comes to implementation, it is always
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