Racism In The Construction Industry

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Racism. What is racism? From the book of “Race Relation. Elements and social dynamics” (Oliver C. Cox, 1976), racism is defined as a racial oppression towards certain kind of races which is also known as prejudice in which a certain race tends to act superior against other races such as the white dominance against people of colour in certain aspects in life. One of the aspect that will be mainly focused on this topic is racism inside the working industry. However, it is briefly explained that the history of racism cannot go into a detailed development as it is a fashion ideology acted upon the rises of the imperialist powers (Oliver C. Cox, 1976). The fact that there are individuals who is still unaware or dismissed the pure existence of racism…show more content…
African-Americans aged 12 and up are the most victimized group in America. 41.7 over 1,000 of them are victims of violent crimes, compared with whites (36.3 over 1,000) and this total does not adds up with the number of murders until recent studies (Racism, 2013). The working industry is no stranger a very difficult and challenging aspect of life which everyone has to endure as part of our norm. However, due to the existence of racism in context of superiority and inferiority has definitely not making it any easier to the inferior by any means. Racism in a part of our life is subtly dehumanizing the people of the earth and divides the nation into parts that can tore down the core of humanization. All these acts has been let down from generation to generation where we are brainwashed and taught to think in certain directions. The superiority of certain races in work field area has create barriers between employer, employee, colleagues and clients based on races, which includes the attitude, bias, communication, and media stereotyping which certain races and sometimes religion have to embrace in order to survive in these millennial…show more content…
Biasness in racism is a way of showing favour to certain groups or party that can be considered as unfair. Many ways of showing biasness in form of employers towards employee based on skin colour, races and religion in giving orders and promotion. For example, an employee with a considered as having weak background race who works for more than 10 years with a good working skills and experiences and acing results is still working in the same position but a fresh employee who is from the superior race but lack of working skills and experiences works for about 2-3 years have been promoted. Due to biasness in working industry has definitely affects the amount of professionalisms produced and owned by the company which has quite significant contrast based on the skin colour and races. The superior races largely monopoly in being the professionals or the specialist in large working department due to the fact that the bigger companies ease in keeping the status quo of having the superior race being in charge that means the company is considered in having better standards. (Oliver C. Cox, 1976) The superior position of authority of a manager with the desperation and fear of being minority workers being fired can add up in racism and placed the workers into putting such limited reaction upon being faced racism. Often managers giving harsh attitude towards

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