Racism In Recitatif, By Toni Morrison

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‘Recitatif’ holds all the quality of a great literature. It is well thought provoking piece of work by Morrison that talks about the taboo topic, racism. Morrison tells the tale of two young girls with a broken home and the suffering they had to go through and the troubles they faced. The writers beautifully sewed it together with the issue of race. Whatever the girls faced throughout their lives was somehow connected by their racial background. During the time when Morrison wrote this story, racial discrimination was common and many people faced the consequences of it. This paper would try to highlight the issue of racism and how it affected people in their lives. ‘Recitatif’ the witty piece of literature by the Morrison is based on the two girls whose mother had abandoned them. They are from two different backgrounds as one is a white girl and the other is black. Toni Morrison deliberately hides the true identities of the girls so that she could keep her readers on their toes, constantly guessing the true backgrounds of Twyla and Roberta. Morrison made it challenging for the readers as well. This way they would get to experience their own preconceived notions. Throughout the story, this idea of who’s black and who’s white shifts from Twyla and Roberta constantly as the writer, very cleverly, drops hints. This back and forth clues about the character along with the reader’s own perception about this two racial background makes the literature more fun and captivating ¬¬
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