Racism In Remember The Titans

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Remember the Titans
We’ve all seen them, the movies, that leave us contemplating. They are the ones that soak up all of our mind. We’ve also gone through experiences in our life that leave us in the same situation, contemplating. The movie, Remember the Titans, includes both of those aspects that often leave us contemplating. Not long after the start of the movie, we meet any typical high school football team. Players, coaches, families, and so on. One of the first people, the director Boaz Yakin, introduces is a black coach named Herman Boone. He is hired at the T.C Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. The conflict starts to surface when he is hired under a white coach named, Bill Yoast. At this time around the 1960’s, racism was very prominent, especially in sports. The school realizes that the surrounding areas, are dominantly white-only. To avoid segregation, the school hires Coach Boone to be their leader and coach. Bill Yoast is hired as an assistant coach. The director of the well known movie Remember the Titans, Boaz Yakin, recreates the plaguing epidemic of racism in the 1960s. He uses common situations that anyone may encounter and twisting it into an inspiring movie. The intent of this film is to connect to the average person by throwing in the realm of a high school setting. By doing so, he sets a focal point on the power of unity by incorporating a football team and their shared experiences. He uses the recollection of racism and teamwork to show the

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