Racism In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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Black children go through a process like no other child of any other race does. From birth they are taught about what society thinks their place is and how institutions are going to treat them in the future. As a child they experience events of racism and discrimination, but they do not really know why it 's happening or why racial tensions are so bad in the US society. Growing into an adolescent or teenager they understand what racism is, but yet to know the extent to which institutional racism is going to affect their lives. As adults, the stage of resistance begins. They know what racism is and how the different systems of racism marginalize them. In ‘Black Boy’ by Richard Wright, this process happens relatively slowly, growing up in Jim …show more content…

To be dependent on the system that is crushing your culture and systematically killing your fellow citizens is the ultimate Catch 22. Any act of resistance is a good a good act of resistance. Whether it be marching in the streets or running for your local government office. What you do to fight institutional racism is effective and it is valued. Black culture is formed around different stages of resistance. Ending stereotyping and racism. Groups like Black Lives Matter, hashtags like #BlackGirlMagic, or movies like Moonlight are all acts of resistance. To strike down the narrative that black lives are of less value, the black women are unwanted and that black men are super predators. Richard Wright writes several pieces along with ‘Black Boy’ that could be uses as resistance pieces. They teach the tell the stories that have been erased through hundreds of years of institutionalized racism. Being aware of racial tensions in our society is extremely important and this awareness is happening in children younger and younger as the generations pass. One thing I can say for sure; today there is not much time between unaware children playing on the playground and ‘woke’ adults marching in the streets demanding to be treated

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