Racism In Soap And Water

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Haifeng Yang Instructor: Torsa Ghosal English 1110.01: Secondary Source Integration 12th July 2016 Racism in the short story The united states was a multicultural country combined with many ethics. At the same time the in-burst of various ethic groups of people brought the country cooperation, clash between races and racism became the serious problem. The short story Soap and water written by Anzia Yezierska expressed the angry about the unfair treatment to immigrants. The author Anzia was a Russia and Jewish immigrant to America herself. The protagonist as a Russia immigrant was depicted as unclean since her “skin looked oily, hair unkempt, and finger-nails sadly neglected”. She felt that her annoying appearance brought her so many difficulties. The dean of college held her diploma and the offices only…show more content…
It may had the feeling that the whole US community was hostile to her. The author, in fact, wanted to address the unfair treatment to immigrants as racism. The cleanliness world which Miss Whiteside lived in conflicted with the uncleanliness world that main character lived in just like the major group of people with power refused to accepted the weak and minority party. The protagonist worked so hard and tried to get herself involved into the community, however a wall was settled between immigrants and the native. The racism was a long-time issue rooted into America which still existed nowadays though people kept fighting hard for equality. In many recent news, one can still noticed many reports talked about the friction between people from different ethics. The immigrants put their expectation to
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