Racism In Social Relation

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Racism. What is racism? From the book of “Race Relation. Elements and social dynamics” (Oliver C. Cox, 1976), racism are defined as a racial oppression towards certain kind of races which is also known as prejudice in which a certain race tends to act superior against other races such as the white dominance against people of colour in certain aspects in life. The type of racism that will mainly be focused on this essay is racism in the working industry. However, it is briefly explained that the history of racism cannot go into a detailed development as it is a fashion ideology acted upon the rises of the imperialist powers (Oliver C. Cox, 1976). The fact that there are individuals who is still unaware or diminished the pure existence of racism,…show more content…
This can be shown by how an employee treats their colleagues at work to the point of being identified as racism. An employee from an inferior background has to be in a good attitude whether with their boss, colleagues, clients or each other. In addition, although he or she has been working for a long time with their company, they have to show a good attitude towards the new employee, in fact, nicer to them as long as the new employee is considered to be superior in terms of races. To explain clearly, discrimination has two parts which are industrial discrimination and systemic discrimination. The meaning of industrial discrimination is that it contains various of behavior that are part of the social and administrative structures of the working field, and that creates or perpetuate a position of relative disadvantage for some groups and privilege for other groups, or for individuals on account of their group identity. Systemic discrimination is a multi-dimensional and may entail separate and cumulative impacts on grounds of race, gender, disability and other identities. The study of race-based cases found that 80 percent of complainants were men. For example, the National Capital Alliance on Race Relations case provides analyses on how employment creates barriers in hiring, job assignment, promotions and terms of condition of employment. Evidence in this case came from the insider knowledge of…show more content…
Communication is one of the aspects that show whether you are labeled as racist. This can be proved by talking or interacting or just having a two way communication with a person who is not the same race in a conversation without having to dehumanize or dismiss their existence or validation. Racism can occur though communication which is definitely not a lie. This may be due to limitation and language barrier which causes certain races to act superior against other races since the language of the superior is broadly used internationally. Moreover, most big companies tend to place their employee to certain department based on their language instead of their skills to make it “easier”. In addition, in this era, most of the companies hire employees from different races due to globalization. So, as we can see, there might be some of the employees that would be racist towards other races so probable that they would not accept having other races working at the same department as they are (Racism 2015). It does not matter how unfair it is to the inferior races, they still have to learn to accept all these people around them and learn how to be professional in the workplace in the midst of racism and hate crime. Sometimes there are workers that say harsh words to the workers from different nationality as they are and that is usually came from the workers with higher ranking in race. That is not good to hear that. This
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