Racism In Society Today

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Racism is a huge problem in our societies currently. We see it everywhere from the news articles on our phones, news stories on our TVś or smart devices and we even see it in our own communities. Which brings me to my next point that although it is not the same ¨racism¨, that we have learned about in our history classes, it still exists because it has evolved and it will continue to to evolve and exist, unless we put an end to all racism. Racism is when someone is judging or putting someone else down who is a different race with the belief that their race is more superior over the others. Putting an end to all racism would not be something that happens by tomorrow or the next day, but with the right people in charge, the right ideas put into action and right attitude, it can happen a lot quicker than people think. We can even see how racism has worked its way into our pop culture and could be found in things such as movies and music. An example of the music portion is a quote from Chance The Rapper, ¨The problem is that my generation was pacified into believing that racism existed only in our history books¨ ( Chance The Rapper, 2018). The quote shows how again mentioned before racism still exists past the history books in the classroom and has evolved. Racism being a major issue in the past and evolving now to something much smaller but still existing, the goal is to make the issue extinct with ideas such as kindness to one another, support groups such as all lives matter to

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