Racism In Sports Essay

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My final paper topic is racism in sports. After discussing the drug and crime rate among in professional sport in week 3; I found out the racism still exist nowadays, when we talking about the crime rate keep going up every year among three major leagues, we saw how media describe African American, Hispanic, and other minority differently. They are always been considering as dangerous, and violence compares to Caucasian. African American (Latinos and other minority ) athletes have been discriminated by their peer, their coaches, their team owners, sometime their fans and most importantly, by media.

Drug and Crime

From Great Britain athlete Linford Christie tested positive for at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, many athletes who test positive for
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We can not ignore African American do represent a large number of population in prison, but we must keep in mind, that African American are more heavily represented in sports than they are in the general population. “African Americans constitute 70% of National Football League players and over 80% of National Basketball League players, while African Americans comprise approximately 13% of the U.S. population” (Berry & Smith,…show more content…
In the study, black athletes in sports ranging from the NBA to the NFL to MLB are addressed in reference to what are perceived to be innate talents such as physical ability, athleticism, and brute strength; identified as superior to the natural abilities of white athletes. On the contrary, white athletes are described in terms of features such as superior intelligence, leadership, hard work, and ability to read play on the court. In addition, personal life of black athletes are more likely to be presented as lazy, angry, illegal firearms and drugs, gang member, having children in a young age in news coverage compares to white
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