Racism In Strange Fruit

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We will always wonder the sad, unfortunate death about the judgement against racism in American’s history. A song called, “Strange Fruit” is perhaps one of the greatest poem and song ever written to protest the hatred of discrimination to colors. This poem was written by a Jewish white high school male teacher named Abel Meeropol, who was inspired by a haunted photographic picture of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith being lynched in Marron, Indiana. After seeing an image of the lynch, Meeropol was deeply disturbed which explained how it “Haunted” him “for days” (Blair). This made Meeropol opened his eyes to display the ugly truth about the horrors that African-Americans experienced through the abolition. Soon after he was inspired to write this shady poem, he approached Billie Holiday a famous African American singer to voice his poem as a song. This song voiced by her brings a very emotional and horrifying event about the oppression against people of colors at the Southern of United States in the early twentieth century. Therefore, I will be covering this song in depth from top to bottom about the opening stanza that starts the background of injustice and inequality actions minorities of blacks had encounter in the Southern America, explain how this song really means to Billie Holiday, shows how some element poetry is broken down in this poem, and successfully point out how this poem to affect our lynching in the history of America.
First, throughout the poem of “Strange
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