Racism In The 50's

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The Fighting 50’s Get ready for how people fought their way through the rough 50’s. They fought their way through discrimination and through wars. In the 50’s we had Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, The Korean war, fashions and fads, and technology advancements.
In the 1950’s the Koreas were going back and forth. North Korea didn’t like the way South Korea was living, so they invaded and almost started bossing them around. In a late-night vote on June 27 the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution asking for military aid to repel the North Korean invasion. On September 26 1950 the United States of America went into South Korea to get rid of the North Koreans. When they did that the North Korean army crumbled and all the survivors retreated to the North (United States).
In the 1950’s the civil rights movement was going on so the blacks and whites were segregated. One day on December 1 1955 an African American clothes worker named Rosa Parks got onto a city bus after a hard day of work. She found the first open seat and sat in it. Rosa was told to exit because she was sitting in the “Whites Only” section, but she refused to. The bus driver called the cops and she went to jail (Wills 45-48). A similar thing happened to a man named Jackie Robinson. Jackie was recruited to be the first African
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In 1955 2.8 million cars were sold, for sales of 10,000,000 dollars. By the end of the 1950’s US automakers created 6.7 million cars, and 3 out of the 4 families had at least one car. Because of the growth in car use mcdonald's grew to 228 locations across the USA. Another technology advancement was the passenger airplane. Made in Seattle in 1954 the airplane is one of the best advancements in transportation. Thousands flew each week and some even worried because you are 1,000 feet in the air. Overall the 1950’s were huge in the technology with the car and plane (wills
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