Racism In The Bluest Eye

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During the 1940’s, about thirty years before The Bluest Eye was written, the standards of society caused young men and women of color to desire lighter skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. In a time where racism was prevalent, the African American culture longed for the freedom that each white person was given. Fighting for their rights after the Great Depression, the confidence of the African American people, especially that of young girls, remained poor due to the wrongful bullying of the many racist white people. A good self image and upbringing for young African American individuals remained crucial for the well being and mental health of each young person. Though many were negatively affected by the beauty standards of this time, few African Americans decided to rebel against the societal views of skin color. In The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, society 's ideas of beauty have negatively affected Pecola and her mother Pauline; however, Claudia rebels against these standards.…show more content…
Around the time of the Great Depression close to the 1940’s when The Bluest Eye was written, racism was prevalent and wrongfully active. The unjust actions attained by the white people destructively snubbed the African American people. Those who were black were denounced for the only reason being the color of their skin. As the white people attacked and bullied those of darker color, the mental state of many of the African American people became menacing. As many young girls yearned for the freedom that they deserved, they aspired to be blonde, with light skin and blue eyes. Though a few young African Americans could accept themselves for who they are, the vulnerable that were persecuted for having dark brown skin required positive and loving parents and peers, but many of the insecure African American children did not attain this. In The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, the societal views of beauty have caused Pecola and her mother Pauline to become insecure; however, Claudia opposes these
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