Character Analysis Of Shug In The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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“ I was made to be wild, wicked and free, to carve out my own crazy destiny, to find a place in this world where i can be the most authentic version of me”- Chirst Ann Martine. This quote by Christ describes the book the Color Purple by Alice Walker perfectly. Out of a town in Georgia the main character Celie is a poor soul that gets all of her rights stripped away from her and gets abused in every way imaginable. She has never had any control in her life and has been forced to do what her husband wants her to do. She and her sister are set in a time that racial prejudice is still very strong against all black people and hate crimes are very often. As Shug is introduced to celie by her husband Mr.__ their unusual relationship begins and both…show more content…
“And dance, she say Nobody dance like albert when he was young and funny. Albert as funny. He kept me laughing. How come he never hardly laugh? How come he don't dance? She say” (Walker 76). As shug realized after living there long enough and realizing what celie is going through her heart opens up in a way that has never opened before. As the kindness and radiance of celie's love changed shugs heart, she did not leave when she got better. “i won't leave, she say, until i know albert won't even think about beating you.” ( Walker 123). Shug, as the character she is, has never went out of her own way to care for someone as she did for Celie. She willingly left her own desire to care for someone…show more content…
Shug leaves for Memphis to sing and says she will be coming back soon. Upon her arrival back to Celie, Shug tells her about Germaine, “My heart hurt, Shug love Somebody else” (Walker 251). Shug has reverted back to her wild side in hopes of recollecting her earlier younger life with a young energetic man named Germaine, “saw who it was and kept on out the door. Soon i heard a car drive off” (Walker 255). Shug has ended it with Celie and shattered all of the confidence, happiness and pleasure that has been built up over the years. She returned back to the shug of pleasure, independence and selfishness that were seen at the first time that she had entered the doors of Mrs.__ house.
In the end, Shug has experienced her life to the fullest and writes to Celie saying, “Shug write me she coming home” (Walker 288). She has come to peace and has returned back to Celie; Celie asks, “where Germaine at? I ask. In college she say” (Walker 289). Shug has left him for his own benefit and resigned back to what she knows is home and who she really cares about. Her and Celie live their lives together for the rest of their years
In the color Purple, Readers see a Young, black, highly confident women start off as being selfish and self centered. Over the span of the novel, Shug blume's into a figure of many shapes including being a mother

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