Racism In The Criminal Justice System Research Paper

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I would rate my confidence in the American system of criminal justice with a four and a half. My rating is low because my confidence in the American system of criminal justice continues to decline the more I understand what is really going on with the criminal justice system. Throughout the years, the undermining of my confidence continues to build because of the increase of racism linked with police brutality and abuse. The continuance of breaking the law is deteriorating the values and rules of what the founding brothers believed America should be built on. Racial Divide “Racial differences in opinion about the criminal justice system may be closely linked to two major correlates of race in that arena: victimization and punishment” (Sherman …show more content…

“It seems more likely that the public’s distrust of the police in high-crime areas is driven more by crime than by police practices” (Sherman 10). Much of the abuse is coming from victims and criminals as being racist. As in a black officer towards white citizens or vice versa. The police brutality can something be the misconduct that occurs behind the scenes that we do not always see. It is believed “… that police are under great pressure to act quickly, especially when the murder victim is white, prominent, a child or a police officer …show more content…

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