Racism In The Great Migration

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Racism & The Great Migration In 1920s, racism was big in the south. Blacks weren’t allowed any of the rights whites had due to segregation and all the laws preventing them from being equal. The Great Migration affected the location of racism because when blacks moved north, racism followed. Blacks moved north to escape poverty caused by sharecropping and Jim Crow laws.
When slavery was abolished, whites rented land to blacks to grow crops in return for a percentage of the crop. It sounds like a good idea for blacks to make money for themselves, but what actually happened was during off seasons, blacks wouldn’t be able to pay rent for the land because they didn’t have any crops to sell. This continued for years, and pretty much making them
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The organization came to be when people didn’t want “undesirable” traits in the U.S. population and tried to get rid of all those traits. Blacks and whites weren’t allowed to marry or have children because black skin color was an “undesirable” trait. Many black men and women were sterilized for this reason and didn’t have a choice. This caused another issue because what determined if someone was black? People had a black and white parents before this law was made. Some states said that one eighth of non-white blood was still considered white, but other states said that any trace of non-white blood was not white. Some people had no choice when it came to being sterilized, and sometimes it would be done during medical procedures without their consent (Eugenics,…show more content…
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