Racism In The Movie 42

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The 42 movie takes us back to 1947 when The Brooklyn Dodgers’ owner, Branch Rickey, brings a player known as Jackie Robinson direct from Lower Baseball League Negro so that he can play in the Major-League Baseball (MLB). In this period, there’s widespread racism and racial segregation amongst the whites and blacks in the United States of America. Jackie is apparently the first black to join the Major Baseball League. He faces hostility and racism from his white team members, fans, opponents and the hotel manager. He manages to secure victory for his team, proving his haters wrong. The movie is directed by Brian Helgeland. (Need theme to be the last paragraph). Brian Helgeland shows the theme of racism for the first time in the film when he uses a brave young African man, Jackie Robinson, to wear jersey number 42. Team owner called Branch, a tough…show more content…
There’s an excellent use of lighting and color in the movie. He also uses suspense and comic relief especially when the match starts. Rickey is a religious man, determined to win and make significant changes in the league. He insists that Robinson should speak using actions when in the pitch. He follows instructions by hitting a guy in the home team during the opening match being played in New Jersey. The manager then comments, “So he is superhuman?” Hyperbole is used in this scene, showing irrelevant inflation affecting the movie. Racism is then showed during the match, especially when teammates of White Dodger files a petition that doesn’t allow them to play with a black person. The racists are surprised by the victory of Robinson’s team, and Robinson is highly appreciated by the team owner, Rickey, and Durocher the team manager. Some fellow players such as Pee Wee acted by Lucas Black. The director uses Ralph Branca, performed by Hamish Linklater, to suggest that Robinson is at liberty to shower with
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