Racism In The Movie Crash

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Mads 1STE – essay about the movie Crash 1 Crash – are we really this racist? The movie «Crash» was met with a variety of different reactions when It was first released in 2004. Taking on the subject of racial segregation in the US, the movie deliberately tries to send a message about an ongoing racism among the American people. Provocative and concise, the movie leaves an impression - objectively of whether you feel it is overstated or understated. Unfortunately, the fact that the movie focuses so heavily on portraying racial discrimination, leads to many of its ideas to become blown out of proportion. The movie is further held back by its misleading presentation of the modern reality, despite its precise message. Overall, while entertaining,…show more content…
Mads 1STE – essay about the movie Crash 2 Lastly, I do also think that the characters in Crash are too heavily influenced by their prejudices, especially compared to the modern US. This is primarily due to the fact that it in many ways feels like the roles are defined by their existing or non-existing bias, which certainly feels unrealistic. This is especially true for one character in particular, which throughout the movie goes from good to bad. Tommy Hansen, a young police officer, ends up killing an African American at the end of the movie, despite showing no racial bias earlier on in the story. There seem to be multiple reasons for this murder, but none of them were really substantial enough to commit a murder. At the other end of the spectrum, we have got John Ryan, which early in the movie is presented as a racist and as an abuser. However, later on in the movie, he saves a woman that he had previously abused from dying in a car accident, now making him a hero. What is interesting here is that many of the roles in the story are either good or bad, only depending on their perception of the race conflict. There
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