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In the movie, “Separate but Equal”, the US is a much different place for whites than it is for blacks. Through the duration of the movie, we see many instances where racism, segregation, and discrimination are seen. As we watched the movie, we had to list and explain when racism, segregation, and discrimination were used.

Examples of Racism- Racism is defined by merriam- webster as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. During the court case fought for black rights, we see white doctors show statistics which state that the African American brain is smaller and less able to learn.

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We see the NAACP discussing how they can win over each supreme court judge. They analyze each judge and decide which strengths and arguments will help them win.
During the court case, the defendants want to make it seem as if the schools are equal and that segregation has changed nothing, but this is not true as when an experiment was done on school children that attend a black segregated school (previously mentioned), and when data from the experiment is presented, the defendants try to play off the data as inconclusive.

ESSAY #4- Compare and contrast the Supreme Court with other courts in America. What makes the supreme court unique?

The Supreme Court is different than any other court. In a Supreme court case, no filming or photography is allowed. Uniquely, the Supreme court deals with meanings of the constitution and in present day, they release all their decisions in June, to end their year of jury. In the 1950’s, however, decisions in the court weren’t released in June, but cases were looked over very carefully before the court reached a verdict.

ESSAY #5- Why is it so important that the court ruling was unanimous? What did you learn/ enjoy about the movie? What did you learn about the supreme

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