Racism And Discrimination Research Paper

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Racism Racism is a very serious matter in the world, it had always been. Such a topic is serious because a person is judging you based on the colour of your skin. Racism and discrimination are used as powerful weapon that spread hate between people. To some people, racism might make them stronger, to others; it hurts them and makes them weaker. Why do you people discriminate? Does racism strengthen or weaken a person? How does racism strengthen or weaken an individual? Many people experience discrimination every day. People are being placed into categories based on their race when everyone should be united as one. People are being let down by other people because they are not the same colour. The past was ruled by white people who took blacks…show more content…
It hurts to know that some people see a person differently, not good enough to be classified as human, so they treat them badly to let them know that they are not good enough. Have you ever wondered what racism does to a person? How does it make them feel? What goes throw their mind when they are told all those horrible stuff to make them feel bad about themselves? Most importantly, how are they still standing strong despite all the obstacles that they face in their life because of their race? Every day, racism takes place in the world in different forms. Some people receive racism through the internet. Some others receive it in the form of bullying, or bad treatment from other. For some people, it lives with them, yet for some others, it’s not as bad. Living a life where everyone is hating you or treating you poorly is not easy, but how does it strengthen some people while it weakens others? There are many different kinds of people, but the ones who are strengthened by the words of their haters are true warriors. They suffer daily from people criticizing them for who they are, yet at the end of the day, they are still standing strong as ever. Their fuel to a better life is the words thrown at them, even if they are words of hate and disgust. Have you ever asked yourself, why the blacks? The media has been feeding the human mind with the idea that some races are inferior to others. I think that some people are programmed to believe…show more content…
No child is ever born racist, he/she is just taught to be. If racism did not exist, the world would be happier, more modern, and a better place to live in. if those ideas did not conquer our heads and take over our thoughts then no one would hate the other, no one would be hurt and no one has to suffer from other people letting them down. If they couldn’t stop it in the past, then we can accomplish their dream by stopping it forever. If everyone united as one against racism, it can and will be stopped, because it
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