Racism In The Time Machine Essay

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Racism is a very delicate topic amongst millions of people around the world. Such happens every day and dates back to even the Victorian Era. The Time Machine was set and written in this era in Richmond, England. The era was known for its advancements in science, medicine, and technology yet countries did not move forward with the topic of race (Shephard). This could be due to Britain being considered the world’s powerful nation at the time (Evans). Political and religious influences on English society play a negative role in ending such prejudice. This resulted in those prejudices being displayed in the Americas and is partially why it is still a problem today. Despite society making drastic changes over time since the Victorian Era, The Time Machine continues to represent the topic of racism and how it may never change. The Time Machine depicted two races of humankind in The Time Traveler’s journey to the year 802, 701 A.D. that have unintentionally endured problems of racism. In the book, the two races, known as the Eloi and the Morlocks, inhabit the land of present-day England. The Time Traveler theorized that the…show more content…
In The Time Machine, the Eloi’s use of the Morlocks as servants clearly resulted in the revolt and the shift of power. Neither race was able to repair such relationship and it continued to fester until the feeding started. It is clear that the Eloi and the Morlocks have no way of handling this form of racism. During the Victorian era, racism is less known but is happens more than people think. Even today, complaints continue to build higher and higher and not many know how to handle the different forms of racism many potentially endure every day. The only difference is that there is at least way to ignore the prejudice today as it has become less of a commonplace. This does not exclude the fact that continues to happen and that may never
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