Racism In The Titans: The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement was a movement that was fought for by people of colored skin. Black people were not treated as well as white people because they were thought of as being people who were poor, dirty, illiterate, and not worthy of being in this country. This is true for the Titans because there were these same beliefs on this football team as listed above. Coach Boone handled, and eventually defeated, racism on his team because he knew that it would hold them back (1), it would create a hostile environment for everyone on the team (2), and it would be a reminder of the real world (3). First, Coach Boone handled racism because he knew that it would hold them back. Coach Boone set it straight at the first team meeting when he said the team will get along like they are brothers, or else they will not be a part of this team. This shows that he knows that racism will hold them back because he wanted everyone to know how it would be before it even started. In other words, he addressed the issue before the issue even started. Coach Boone saw his team being held back by racism at training camp, so he had everyone learn what the interests of the other players were, and have them…show more content…
Coach Boone tried to get the players to know each other so they got to the point where they accept each other. For example, the training camp really brought all the players together because they were with each other for a week in the blazing hot sun while running wind sprints and doing up downs. He also had them learn personal facts about each other (as stated in paragraph 2). Coach Boone treated everyone the same. It didn’t matter if you were black, white, green, orange, or purple. He would treat you the exact same. Coach Boone is being a role model because he is trying to get his players to do the same. He is leading by the example, trying to make a less hostile environment for his
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