Racism In Today's Society

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It is said across multiple sources online that 90 to 95 percent of people are affected by racial prejudice each day; yet how much of this is actually true? In today’s society, racism is very controversial and often debated about. This causes tension between different racial groups around the world. In the past, racism was discrimination, violence, or any other type of harm to a certain race, especially African-Americans. This included segregated schools, unfair treatment, and even separate water fountains for “white” and “colored” people. However, people today are starting to turn innocent words and statements, including the words “white” or “black,” into so-called “racist” slurs and phrases. As this idea grows that simple gestures and words are racist, it becomes a larger problem for everyone, not just targets or victims of true racism. In today’s world, people are starting to spread incorrect facts online to make things seem racist. For instance, in the article “7 Statistics That Will Change How You View Racism,” the writer chooses to state that “Juries are prone to racist sentencing,” (Simon). However, this is simply untrue. This quote can lead someone to believe that all juries are racist, while many people who are in a jury are in fact just trying to do what is right in their eyes. This quote can also lead somebody to think that all races are arrested at the same rate, even when different races are arrested at different rates. According to statistics from the Bureau
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