Racism In ZZ Packer's 'Brownies'

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“Brownies” rough draft

In Brownies, ZZ Packer uses a troop leader’s beliefs of racisms and follows crowd because they want to fit in with everyone. The symbolism leaders and friendship. Brownies are a group of young African American who have a plan on seeking revenge on some White females they think that are being racist towards them, but in the end it was never what they expected. Growing up in this time where racism was very high the girls did not ever experience any white people to ever be nice or not ever have anything bad to say about them. In this story everything is the exact opposite which makes this story so appealing.

This story has a lot of conflict, these girls think that they really know racism and believe that they cannot be friends with the other young white females that are also at camp with them. Snot is a little girl who has a lot of things to say but instead of speaking up she purposely just follows along with the crowd. The African American girls resolve to beat up the white girls when they think they over heard them calling them “niggers”. (Packer.par20) "Brownies" is a story about racism as it is experienced by young girls, but it has a twist. African American girl named Laurel, known to the other girls by her nickname, Snot. Girls are being pushed around and made fun of which is nothing like
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At the end of the story, they are almost about to fight their rival troop over someone claiming to have heard a girl call a black girl a “nigger”. What really happens is one of the more outspoken black girls is quick to jump on an accusation that probably did not happen with a negative intent. feel that “Brownies” was a great work of literature. I found it extremely interesting how ZZ Packer put these young girls in heavy situations, dealing with mature topics such as, racism. She also had the young girls using some adult language throughout the
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